Considering Meetings

Stories of real meetings and how they succeed or fail.

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Rick helps his clients create conditions for people to achieve better results by changing the conversations they have and the commitments they hold about strategy, processes, actions and outcomes.  His approach supports organizations in making better use of the capabilities of their leaders and employees as they define and implement new goals and strategies.

Rick’s approach is different from other approaches to “better meetings.” He helps you recognize and choose the most effective structures for particular meetings.  By making appropriate structural choices it is naturally easier to stay focused, manage conflict and build better decisions.  Different structures: Different results.

For over fifteen years, Rick has focused his own research on improving the conduct of meetings to engage participants more effectively as they discuss difficult issues.  He has facilitated meetings intended to bring multiple groups together around strategic planning, organizational restructuring, and difficult societal issues.

Rick delivers highly regarded workshops and key note presentations on Naked Meetings.  Look for Rick’s book on Naked Meetings to be published in 2012.  For more about Rick and his approach to meetings see Meeting for He shares stories and perspectives on meetings in his blog: Considering Meetings. Contact him at to discuss your needs or schedule a presentation.


Written by Rick Lent

March 16, 2011 at 2:31 pm

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